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Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Zhongju Century UAV Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and various inspection services. It has several patent certificates and 20 software works. Certificates, drone management certificates and many other qualification certificates. The company has gathered a large number of experienced drone developers, flight crews and optoelectronic experts, computer image screening technology development experts to provide various types of drone inspection services and products. Focusing on various types of inspection services of PetroChina, it has become a leader in the inspection service industry of China Petroleum with advanced technology and high quality services.

The drone inspection service platform developed by the company combines drone technology, photoelectric technology, three-in-one long-distance transmission technology, image automatic comparison technology, adaptive elevation technology, and safety management system and service management system. Personnel training system, etc. It has strong adaptability to terrain and landform, high cost performance and simple operation. It can effectively and accurately detect abnormal conditions around pipelines and stations. Since the system was put into use, it has been recognized and praised by domestic large oilfield professionals.

Looking into the future, China Poly UAV will continue to integrate the latest low-altitude aeronautical technology, photoelectricity, sensing technology and image screening technology to enrich the product line, in order to more widely meet various inspection requirements, and achieve self and serve society.

​Organization layout

Refined three years of field service in the oil and gas area

◆ Service team takes root in oil and gas fields

◆ Testers stationed in oil and gas fields

◆ Core R & D and functional departments in Shenzhen

Looking to the future

Zhongju's road to digitalization, networking and intelligence

◆ Integrated inspection drone

◆ Smarter inspection process

◆ Inspection "Internet of Things"

◆ GIS-based 3D dynamic management platform for oil fields